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Amish Fiction

I have always been fascinated by the Amish and their way of living. I wonder what it would be like to live the simple life, no electricity, no phones, no internet…..and it intrigues me.

I have two favorite authors who write about the Amish and I have been on a kick lately, reading book after book by Wanda E Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis.

Image result for the prayer jars series wanda brunstetterOne of my favorite series is The Prayer Jars series by Wanda E Brunstetter. The third book hasn’t come out yet but I was able to read an ARC. I loved it!

Another series I just finished reading by the same author was the Daughters of Lancaster County! I found the entire series in a 3-in1-book and literally devoured the series in a week.  Image result for daughters of lancaster county

I enjoy reading about the Amish and their lifestyles. I would love to take a trip up north and visit areas where they live.

Amish fiction is definitely one of my favorite genres to read.

How about you? What is a particular genre you just love to devour? Let me know!

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